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Saturday was a very busy day for not only the volunteers of our department, but also for departments from our mutual aid. The USRFD hosted the North West Bergen Mutual Aid Association’s annual field day. Congratulations to Franklin Lakes Volunteer Fire Department for taking home first place for the best time in all events. After cleaning up and as the volunteers were just getting home from their all day event, the USRFD was called for service within the borough. First was for a broken water pipe which Chiefs 1230, 1240 and Engine 1232 handled, then later in the evening Chief 1240 and Rescue 1242 handled a fire alarm caused by an unattended culinary disaster. Great job to all the teams who participated in today’s events! See you all next year in Waldwick! And a huge thank you to (CPT Fire Ground Photos) for being there to take these amazing pictures.

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